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It al started almost 20 years ago when Ilse Gielen designed a house for Ingrid and her husband in Houtvenne, Belgium. Their collaboration not only resulted in a beautiful home, several following projects but also lead to a close friendship.

When Ingrid decided she wanted to spent more time in sunny spain, where she and her husband studied together, the search of a new house in Javea, near Valencia, began. It was love at first sight when they came across one off the houses of a very well known Spanish architect  Manuel Jorge. With Ilse, the house which was abandoned for several years got restored in its original glory and is nowadays the base for Ingrid and her family.

What we do?

° When you're searching for a specific house or you have special requests we'll help to find you that property. Or maybe you already own a magnificent house in the area of Javea which only needs some magic.

Since we work according to the customer's needs, it is rather difficult to well-define the things we do. 

° Helping you look for the perfect property according to your wishes and budget.

° Restauration, renovation and interior decoration.

° Furniture design and production.

° Complete make-over projects.

° Garden -& outdoor design and realisation.

With Ingrid, as an entrepreneur, her perfect eye for good investments and negotiation skills for the perfect deal and Ilse, an architect and interior designer, who always sees opportunities, possibilities and tries to create the perfect space, we can make your dream come true. And who knows you'll become the owner of a little paradise in the sun.

Hope to hear from you,

Ilse Gielen & Ingrid Bijnens

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Photo by Hendrik Biegs.

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